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Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – The Secret Of Ranking

Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

When you build a website or blog you want to get as many visitors as possible to your website. You want to use the best SEO keyword research tool to find keywords that will give a lot of traffic. Search no more. All your answers will be answered below to get as much traffic as possible to your website.

Traffic is the lifeline to your website or blog. Without it, you can post every day. But nobody will see your value posts and products. The fastest way to get traffic is using payed traffic. Most people however want to start with free traffic. That’s why I created this post to help you get the best keywords for your website to get as much traffic as possible using the best keyword search tool.

What Is The Importance Of SEO Keywords

For people that don’t know what SEO keywords are. SEO is nothing more than Search Engine Optimization. It’s a keyword that people type into Google to find a solution to their answer. So, you need to know what keywords people are looking for. It doesn’t end with that.

You can have use a keyword with thousands of searches. But when the competition for that keyword is so high, your website still won’t get ranked. So, you need to find the top SEO keywords that get great searches with low competition. You want to use a keyword research tool.

Is there such a tool and do you really need the best? In my opinion you only need to know what the traffic is and how high the competition is. And you don’t have to use payed services for that. Finding the right keywords for your website is easy. I will explain how to this further down below.

What Free Keyword Generator Will Give You The Best Results

Best SEO Keyword Research ToolThere are a lot of keyword tools out there that generate keywords. I will give you a list of the best SEO research tools to help you find keywords that rank easily on page 1 in the search engines. And also to stay there for months or even years to beat the competition.

One of the best free keyword tools for SEO I use is the Google keyword planner. This one will give you very detailed information what you audience is looking for. You can even scan other websites what keywords they are using. The cons about it is that you need to have a Google ad words account. In order to get to the Google keyword planner you must first setup a payed campaign. But there are other ways.

Another great tool I use is Jaaxy. It has a free and payed service. The free part lets you do 30 keyword searches to try it out. It will give you great insights that will let you know if the keyword will get easy ranked or not. Another way is just type into google free keyword generator. You just want to know the searches and the competition.

How To Do Keyword Research – Long Tail Keywords

Now that you have found a research tool you need to perform keyword research. Broad keywords like baseball, business, money… will give you massive searches. But it will be impossible to rank on them. They are too short and way too much competition. So, you want to find long tail keywords.

A long tail keyword is nothing more than using more words. A minimum of 2, the more is better. They maybe get fewer searches. But the competition on the other hand is way lower. That’s why you need to add new articles to your website every week on different keywords. So, your audience will build up.

The minimum searches on a keyword should be 100 per month. This seems low. But when you write 10 articles in a month with100 searches, your views will be 1000 per month. Do that for 1 year and you will have 10,000 views per month. The key is to write articles using low hanging fruit keywords with low competition.

Why You Also Need To Get LSI Keywords

Ultimate Niche FinderUsing only your main keyword still won’t rank you these days. The search engines get smarter and smarter. Now they even can read your article and see if it’s readable and doesn’t be stuffed with your keyword. Just write natural and use your main keyword around 5 times in a 1000 word article.

To get ranked you also need to add LSI keywords. LSI SEO is nothing more than keywords that are related to your main keyword. Put your keyword in one of the research tools you are using. It will spit out a lot of different keywords that are related to it. Those are called LSI keywords.

What you need to do first is just write your article in a natural way. Then add your main keyword around 5 times in an article of 1000 words. Sprinkle your LSI keywords throughout your article. Use every LSI keyword just ones. Don’t overdo it. Your article must stay readable or you won’t get ranked.

What Are The Best Keywords For SEO To Use

I hope you now understand that long tail keywords will help you rank better than broad keywords. You will sometimes stumble upon long tail keywords that have thousands of searches. But mainly you will find keywords between 100 and 1000 searches per month.

What is the best keyword to use? A long tail keyword with less competition is best to use for SEO keyword ranking. The lower the competition the better your keyword will get ranked in the search engines. Also, you need to write regularly to stay ranked in the search engines. The more value you share the more the search engines will love you, the better you get and stay ranked.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on the best keyword research tool. Now it’s time to put everything into action. How to blog to make money is to find your keywords, start writing. It can be hard in the beginning. But when you make it a habit to write minimum twice a week your skills will improve.





8 thoughts on “Best SEO Keyword Research Tool – The Secret Of Ranking

  1. I enjoy using Jaaxy for my long tail keyword research. It is great because they let you know about how difficult it would be to rank in Google for the keywords based on the competition.

  2. What a great article. I search for Keywords with low competition, lower than 50 or what is your opinion? I struggle to get keywords of 100 + traffic , is it okay to go less than this?
    I did not know about LSI keywords thank you for that information.

    1. In every niche you can find keywords that have 100+ results with low competition. Be creative, you will find many. Even in competetive niches…

  3. The use of relevant keywords in blog posts is one of the most common and also one of the simplest ways to optimize search engine rankings. Jaaxy does a perfect job for me, but I have to mention another program as well – Traffic Travis. It helped me a lot!
    Anyway, I like your post, just keep going!


  4. Although I also use long tail keywords and Jaaxy as a tool, I really don’t worry about keywords. My website is new and I’m more focusing on content. I follow a training program that taught me how to use Jaaxy and it’s search results, so I use them but don’t stuff my post of keywords. Sometimes, they don’t match how I want my message to be expressed. So after just inserting a few or less, I more focus on delivering the message I want. After all, Google is not the only way, social media is a powerful tool as well to drive organic traffic. But when searching for a keyword, I’m with you in using long tail keywords. Thank you for this post.

    1. You should indeed focus on content and don’t stuff it with keywords. Just sprinkle them around. Social media is a very powerful platform.

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