Books Growth Mindset – 4 Books That Will Create Success Guaranteed

Books Growth Mindset

Successful people didn’t create success overnight. This article will be about books growth mindset. Why success is created by reading books. What books you should read that will help you change your lifestyle and get what you want out of life. Nothing is impossible in life as long as you know the way.

The mind is the strongest power on this planet. It sends out vibrations and attracts the same kind of vibrations. It doesn’t care if they are positive or negative ones. You attract what you think of most. You can read more about this great power in my last article ‘How to reprogram the subconscious mind‘. But for now let’s dig into books that will grow your mindset.

Why You Should Read Books To Grow Your Mindset

Books are a great energy source for feeding your mind. It will bring your subconscious mind to higher level. Your thought process will improve. And it will help you grow as a person. Also, you develop better skills. Basically the same as following a training on a skill you want to improve.

We all follow trainings on different subjects like become better in social media, payed ads, blogging,… But what we forget most of the time is that we also need to develop our mindset skill. That’s one of the most important skill to train. And not an easy one. Getting control over your mind takes time and effort.

Learning a new skill on social media is easy to learn. It’s like going to school and learn math. They teach you how to do it, the only thing you need to do is replicate it. But for the mind, that’s a whole other area. It’s one of the most difficult skills to learn, because we get so fast distracted. That our mindset can change in a second.

Books Create New Ideas And New Directions

Books Growth MindsetMindset books about positive thinking, the subconscious mind, law of attraction… will teach you how to use that part of your brain. Being consistent and persistent is key in this. That’s how the big leaders create success. In those books are hidden messages that will be picked up by your subconscious mind. But only when you are on the right level.

You can even feel the vibrations in your body and mind when you reach that level. And than great things will happen. Your inner voice starts to talk to you. It will send you great ideas and directions in your mind. The only thing you need to do than is to act on it.

And don’t be afraid that you will fail. Have faith in your inner voice. You will make mistakes. But out of these mistakes new ideas will grow. Stay persistent. Also in the hard times. Keep yourself pushing forward. It will take some hard work. But the reward for it in the end is worth it.

What If You Are Not Really A Reader

Fact is that most people are visualize based. The majority of the people don’t read. For example: when you go into a shop through the entrance and after a while you want to go out through the same door. And on that door is a sign that you can’t go out through this door.

You need to go out through a different door. Most people will walk to the entrance door. Stand in front of it, wondering why the door isn’t opening. It takes them a while before the see the sign that they need to go out through a different door. Even when you hang flash lights reading walk back. People won’t see it.

Books are naturally different. But I know there are people that don’t like to read. Well, also for those is a solution. These days you can even listen to books. Just put on a headphone, close your eyes while listening. And let your brain do the rest for you.

Mindset Book Review – 4 Great Books To Read

Growth Mindset Book ListI will list here 4 books that are my favorite ones to read or to listen too. I know there are a lot more books about mindset. But if you haven’t read these yet, I recommend you put them on your list. Here are 4 growth mindset novels you should read:

  1. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill. This is one of my favorites. It teaches you the 13 principles you need to process to achieve success.
  2. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne. Great book about mindset and how to train your subconscious mind. There is also a movie about this book.
  3. The power of positive thinking – Norman Vincent Peale. Like the title says, you will learn to train your brain to think more positive than negative. And what it will do for your success.
  4. The 4-hour workweek – Timothy Ferris. This book teaches you how to work less and smarter. So, you create more time to live.

What Books Can You Recommend To Read

I love to read books and listen to them. There are so many that will train your mind towards success. I would love to know what books you read. Books that are helping you to create great success. That help you stay positive and motivated. Leave a comment down below. It will help other readers too.

I hope you enjoyed this growth mindset article. And understand the reason why you need to read or listen to books. If you haven’t done so, start today. Work on your mindset skills. It depends for 80{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} on your success. Listen to your inner voice. And don’t be afraid to take action.

6 thoughts on “Books Growth Mindset – 4 Books That Will Create Success Guaranteed

  1. I’ve red all the books on your list except the power of positive thinking. What is your opinion of the secret? I mean I know you like it because you recommend it but I personally found it a bit fluffy.
    I think there was too much emphasis on only the thinking part and not the “doing” part. Unlike Napoleon Hill’s book which placed an equal emphasis.
    Great list anyway! thanks Dennis!

    1. I think the secret is an awesome book to train your mind. But like you said, nothing happens without taking action. There is a lot of truth been said in the secret and it works. But only when you believe that it works…

  2. Hi Dennis!
    I’m glad that you mentioned The Secret. I had a DVD version of it, and I remember watching it about 8 years ago. The conclusion that I made is that positive thinking can help you win part of the battle. Action can help the rest of it. Currently, I’m in the middle of reading The 4-Hour Workweek.

    Based on my experience so far, I agree that your mindset matters a lot. I’m currently training myself to trust my own guts.

    Thank you for sharing this post with us! I bookmarked it, since it’s very inspirational, especially during hard times.


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