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Facebook Content Ideas – What To Post On Facebook


In the previous lessons you learned how to create a Facebook account and how to set it up properly. Now it’s time to get some Facebook content ideas. You have to start posting content otherwise your Facebook will still be empty and you won’t attract people.

You can post the right content but you can also post the wrong content. Posting wrong content will result in people walking away from you and not buying your product. I will discuss in the first section of this topic what you shouldn’t post. So, lets dig into it…

What Content You Shouldn’t Post On Facebook

Facebook Content IdeasThere is a wrong way of posting and I see that a lot. What Facebook content ideas you don’t want is that your Facebook looks like an advertising site for your business or product. People don’t like that. What do you do when you watch a movie on TV and the commercials kick in. Probably you zap to another channel or go do something else. We all hate commercials.

Therefore, that’s why you don’t want your profile be look like a commercial site. People will just walk away. So, should you post nothing about your business? Yes, you can. But do it as less as possible. 90% should be value, 10% can be about your business or product.

A second thing that you shouldn’t be doing is posting affiliate links on your profile. That’s not the place to do that. Facebook itself also hates that and punish you for that. When you do it even too much they can even block your profile. So, keep your profile clean.

What Facebook Content Ideas Will Attract People

What will attract people to your Facebook profile? Value. So, the more value you share the more people you will attract. What Facebook content ideas are value? Well, this can be anything that teaches people something within their niche. In my niche for example I write training posts. I even create video’s.

Solve the problem within your niche. There are always people struggling with something within your niche. Find out what they are struggling with. Create content around that, that will solve the problem. And boom… They will love you for it. So, it doesn’t always have to be a training.

You can also share quotes that are relevant to your niche. Make a question post. Where you will ask a question to your audience that they will answer in response. Share pictures about your niche. Give product reviews. That’s value. That’s what people love to see…

What Content Will Give You The Most Exposure

Social Media Strategy TemplatesFacebook is a strange world. The algorithm changes a lot of time. What works good now can stop working in a few months. So always keep testing your posts using different types. Your main goal is to get as much exposure as possible. The more people see it the better.

At the time of this writing what works best are video’s. Especially Facebook Live video’s. They will give you the most exposure. When you are not feeling comfortable with that yet start by sharing pictures and write some content with that picture. A training that learn people something will do best. Or lifestyle pictures.

People love to see people having a great lifestyle. You have something that people want. A lifestyle that they don’t have yet. Even if you don’t have a great lifestyle yet you can create pictures like you are having a great lifestyle. Use your surroundings to help you with that.

What works the least is putting links in your post. Prevent from doing that. You will almost get no exposure when you share links.

How Many Times Per Day Should You Post?

This will also influence the exposure of your posts. When you post to many per day you will get less exposure. Facebook thinks you are spamming even if you don’t mean to. What will be the perfect number to get the most exposure on a daily base?

You should post maximum 1 – 3 times per day. This will give you the most views on Facebook. Post more and your views will go down very fast. It doesn’t matter if you skip a day or so. As long as you don’t post more than 3 times per day you are good to go.

Try different times per day. Find your perfect time to post. This differs per niche. When is your audience the most active? Test that out.

Now That You Post Value It’s Time To Get Engagement

I hope you enjoyed this post about Facebook content ideas. It’s time to write your first post. Do that today. Don’t postpone it. When you don’t know what to write share a quote or a lifestyle picture about yourself with a short story underneath it. See how much engagement you will get.

In conclusion, in the next lesson I will dig deeper in getting more engagement to your posts. Some small tricks that most people are not using and will give you a lot engagement. But for now, start writing your content. Do that 1 – 3 times per day. The more value you share the more people you will attract.

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  1. OMG talk about a cliffhanger! You’re as bad as a soap opera! This is exactly where I am at in building my business, and I have bookmarked your site. I will be eagerly looking forward to your clear, straightforward, and easy to understand lessons.

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