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Facebook Friends Search – Let A Script Do The Work For You

Facebook Friends Search

In the last lesson we talked about getting likes. But without friends on your profile nobody will like your content. This topic will talk about the Facebook friends search. How to do it manually, where to find the right people. And how to automate the process using a Facebook script.

You have 5000 spots available on your friends list. You want to fill them up fast. The more people see your content the better. Do you want only 700 people to see your content or 5000? At the end of this topic I will let you see how a Facebook script will help you get a lot of exposure to your content. But first lets talk about the type of friends you want to attract.

What Type Of Friends Do You Want To Attract

Facebook Friends SearchThere are millions of people using Facebook these days. It’s very important that you have the right people in your friends list. Having 5000 friends that have no interest about your niche won’t make you any money. People will start to sent you friend requests.

Before you accept those always take a look at their profile. Are they a real person? What kind of content do they have on their profile? Do they have a profile picture and cover photo? If they don’t have 1 of those things that I mentioned you don’t want to accept them as a friend.

Where To Find The Right Type Of Friends For Your Niche With The Facebook Friends Search

Waiting for friend requests can take a long time so you want to search also friends in your niche yourself. The best way to do that is by using the Facebook search tab on top of the page. Search for pages and groups in your niche. For example, if you are in the network marketing niche you can search for influencing people like Tony Robbins.

In the Facebook friends search you will see profiles, pages, groups… Focus on the pages. Those are the easiest to target people. When you are on a page from someone in your niche look at the comment section underneath the posts. Search for people that leave comments with value.

Those are the ones that you want to target for your niche. They communicate, so the chances are big that they also leave comments and likes on your posts when they are in your friends list. Go to their profile and sent them a message first that you like what they wrote, that you have common interests and want them in your friends list.

Manually Adding Friends VS Automatically Adding Friends

Manually adding friends can take a lot of your time. It also takes a while to build up your friends list and attract the right people. On the other hand, you know who will be your friend and you target people that share lots of value. But when you only have a few friends you want to build up your list fast so people have more thrust in you.

That’s where a script can come in handy. You will still target people in your niche, but it’s a bit more broad. You will also get people on your friends list that don’t communicate at all. Is it bad? Not necessary. People with 3000 friends build up faster thrust then people with only 200 friends. Both have their pros and cons.

A Facebook Script That Will Do The Work For You

Social Media Strategy TemplatesThis script will save you a lot of your time in your Facebook friends search. You need to follow the instructions exactly otherwise you will have a chance to get blocked by Facebook. I use it for a while now and have never been blocked for using it. You can get this script for free. ClICK HERE to go to my recommendation section where you will find the script.

Before you use the script watch the video that comes with it. At the end of the video I have something great to offer you. Use the script in your advantage. It will help you get a lot of friends fast in your niche. The more people see your content, the more people like it, the more exposure you get.

It’s Time To Start Using Messenger To Talk To People

I hope you understand now why it’s important to build up your friends list fast. Use the Facebook friends search to find people in your niche. The video about the script in my recommendation section will tell you how to use the script and where to find the right people. Now it’s up to you to take action.

In the next lesson I will talk about messenger. How you can use this function to boost up you sales to your product or business. What to say to people when someone pitches you for their business. What questions you need to ask and how to close the sale. But first, start adding people to your friends list.





10 thoughts on “Facebook Friends Search – Let A Script Do The Work For You

  1. Great post. I’ll be diving into this shortly for my niche. Thank you for making what seems like a daunting task manageable and even easy!

  2. Hi there, interesting article. I’m surprised that there’s such an application out there that does this… but then again…
    I prefer to have a facebook page for people who follow but aren’t personal aquaintances, does the friend added work with pages and groups? Cheers, Karen

  3. I have about 1000 people who I am friends with but I doubt whether they really are interested in my niche. This looks perfect for me as I can get some great leads with this. Thanks.

    1. The script will basicly sent friend requests automaticly in your niche. Normally there is a daily limit on sending friend requests. This script will let you sent unlimited friend requests without getting blocked on Facebook…:)

  4. I like your articles, but how can you guarantee that Facebook won’t block you?? I have used a similar application through Twitter and was lock out twice and threatened with losing my account because of it and after the first time I was blocked for suspicious activity, I immediately revoked the access to my account and told them I was no longer interested and they still did it a second time. Facebook is changing the rules all the time. how does this go around that rule??

    1. I can only guarentee that you won’t get blocked when you follow the exact instructions. That’s also where most people fail. They start using the script or something else and lack to read or watch the intructions first on how to use it. Or only listen to it half way. There is a reason why something works or works not. Allways pay full attention on how to use something to make it successful. If you don’t then it’s up to you what happens…

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