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Facebook Page vs Profile – Which One Creates Success?

Facebook Page vs Profile

To get successful with Facebook you need to understand the difference between a Facebook page vs profile. Why do you need a Facebook page? What are the limits on a Facebook profile? Should you use both or just one of them? These questions are important to be answered to get a better understanding about Facebook marketing.

Basically a profile and a page look the same. But there are differences between them. As an online entrepreneur you need a Facebook page when you want to use Facebook marketing. Today you will learn why. What the advantages are on a page. Why using a profile is a good way but not the best way.

Facebook business vs personal – The differences

Facebook Page vs ProfileLet’s start with the differences between a personal account – your profile – and a business account – your page. They both look the same. The setup is the same. But a page has more advantages over a profile. Your FB profile has a limit of 5000 friends. They fill up very fast when you share lots of value. And then on one point your profile is full.

What then? You don’t want to limit your content to only 5000 people. That’s 1 reason why you want to have a page. There is no limit there. When people like your page they will see your posts on their timeline. A friend on your profile is basically the same as a page like on your page. But still only a very small percentage will see your posts.

Your posts on your profile you can’t boost very high. There are some techniques to get more likes to them. The posts on your page on the other hand you can boost instantly to get thousands of likes and comments using FB ads. And that is possible with a very low cost per like. Even for only $0,01 per like or comment.

How to use Facebook as a page

I hope now you start to understand why you need a Facebook page. You want as much exposure as possible to your business. You want to build a very big Facebook community that likes your page, over 5000. Build your brand awareness, the sky is the limit. Using a profile only will not get you there. That’s why you need a page.

You still should have both. On your profile you will share lots of lifestyle posts. Let people look into your great life. Don’t put business related posts in there. On your page you share value posts, training, videos, quotes, business posts, etc… The setup of your page can be the same as your profile. And there is an easy way to do that.

Convert Facebook profile to page

The easiest way to setup your page is by converting your profile to it. But before you do that you have to make sure that you have a few thousand friends on your profile. Because those friends convert with you and automatically like your page. By doing that you brand awareness goes up and you don’t start with zero likes.

One suggestion though. There will be a few persons that won’t like it that they automatically like your page. Just delete those persons when they sent you a negative comment. You don’t want negative people around you. Those people will never understand the great value that you share there and want to share it with your friends.

The steps to convert your profile to your page

Facebook AccountBefore you start doing this make sure you are logged in to your Facebook profile. Then Click Here to go to “Create Facebook page based on your profile”. Just click on the get started link over there and follow the instructions. At some point they will ask you which friends you want to add to your page. Select all of them.

Your friends will not be removed from your profile. It will just give you a better thrust factor because you don’t start with zero friends. Now start adding value posts to your audience. This is a great way to build up your brand very fast. Do not spam your business on your page. You don’t want an advertising site. People don’t like that.

A golden rule that I use. 70% should be value. Posts that teach people new things, mindset posts, quotes, video’s of you, etc… 20% of your posts can be sharing other people’s posts that you like. And 10% of your posts can be about your business or product. By using this rule you page will look awesome and attracts lots of people.

Your first goal after setting up your page

Now that you have setup your page, have a few thousand page likes. And have some value posts on it. It’s time to build up that big thrust factor. So, people will start buying your product or join your business. The first thing you need to do is build your brand awareness. Get a minimum of 10.000 page likes.

The longest way is using free techniques. You don’t want that. It can take years doing that. The fastest way to get to those 10.000 likes is using FB ads. You don’t need a big budget for that. You can get page likes for even less than $0,01. I will teach you how to do that in my next article. In the mean time post lots of value on your profile and page.

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