Facebook Training

Facebook Create New AccountLesson 1: Facebook Create New Account

Facebook is an awesome platform to market your business. Only most people do it the wrong way. In this article I will discuss the first step: Facebook create new account. Why you need a new account? What will happen if you don’t? The pros and cons when you use your existing account.

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Facebook Home Page SetupLesson 2: Facebook Home Page Setup

Now that you have a new account on Facebook, it’s time for your Facebook Home Page Setup. You want to attract as many people as you can that have an interest in your product. Set it up the wrong way and you will have almost no followers. Do it right and you will attract a lot of people.

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Facebook Content IdeasLesson 3: Facebook Content Ideas

In the previous lessons you learned how to create a Facebook account and how to set it up properly. Now it’s time to get some Facebook content ideas. You have to start posting content otherwise your Facebook will still be empty and you won’t attract people.

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How To Get Facebook LikesLesson 4: How To Get Facebook Likes

Now that you have posted content on your Facebook it’s time to show you how to get Facebook likes, comments and shares. Your goal is to grow your engagement to get more followers. The more people like, comment and share your posts the stronger you build up your thrust factor.

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Facebook Friends SearchLesson 5: Facebook Friends Search

In the last lesson we talked about getting likes. But without friends on your profile nobody will like your content. This topic will talk about the Facebook friends search. How to do it manually, where to find the right people. And how to automate the process using a Facebook script.

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