Faith And Goals – The Second Step Towards Richdom

Faith and Goals

In my last topic I discussed the first step in the law of attraction for wealth, creating desire. Faith and goals is what naturally follows on your way to your desired lifestyle. You can have desire towards your goals. But when you don’t have faith that you will actually succeed, you still won’t make it.

You need to develop faith in your mind. When it reaches your subconscious mind, vibrations will be picked up by the law of attraction. From all positive emotions sex, love and faith are the strongest. When you mix those three together great things will happen in your subconscious mind.

How To Develop Faith

Faith can be developed by self suggestion to your subconscious mind. Maybe this sounds strange to you. But by repeatingly giving instruction to your mind you can develop faith and desire. I will explain this a bit deeper with an example. Do you remember when you took your first driving lesson? Your goal was to get that drivers license.

You were exited. But you were also afraid. The first few minutes my driver instructor used the gas and break panel and I steered the car. It was all going so fast. Fear of not controlling the car completely took place. My heart was pumping adrenaline and I was sweating like hell.

After taking lessons for a while you will get more confident. You start to accept the fact that you are learning to drive and your driving skills improve. You faith is developing. And you are less scared. Then in the end you get your drivers license. After driving a while you don’t even have to think how to drive a car. It goes automatically. Faith has reached your subconscious mind.

Nobody Is Doomed To Bad Luck

Faith And GoalsThere is no such thing as bad luck. People that say this attract it because they only think about the bad things that are happening in their life. They can change this just by feeding their mind with self suggestion. You can even mislead your subconscious mind by feeding it with positivity.

Your conscious mind knows what is real and not real. Your subconscious mind on the other hand doesn’t know what is real and what is not. If you keep feeding it with positivity and that you actually are living your desired lifestyle, even if your not. Your subconscious mind starts to believe it’s true and the law of attraction will start to attract the things in your life towards the lifestyle you want.

Faith Is A Mental Condition That Can Be Generated By Self Suggestion

You need to have belief in yourself. Faith is the long life elixir that gives us life and power. It let us rule on our thoughts. Faith is the start of all richdom. Basicly they are the spiritual goals for life. It’s the base of all miracles. And the only antidote on failure. Self suggestion is a very strong power on developing faith.

The formula of faith by using self suggestion:

  1. I have the power to reach my biggest goal in life. And demand from myself that I keep working on my goal and be persistent and promise that I will act on this now.
  2. I know that the biggest thoughts in my mind will change gently into physical things. Therefor I will concentrate my mind every day for 30 minutes on the person that I want to become.
  3. I know that the power of self suggestion will lead me towards my goals. That’s why I will take 10 minutes a day to develop faith towards it.
  4. I have written down the lifestyle that I want to have. And will strive to develop so much faith that I will reach that goal.
  5. I understand that no riches stand for a long time unless they are based on truth and faith. Also, I will succeed by using the forces of the law of attraction. And will ban all negative thoughts out of my life. I know that negativity will not lead to success. I make sure that people will believe in me. And I will believe in them. I will do this will full faith so that I will become the person that I want to be.

The Devasting Power Of Negative Thinking That Destrois Your Goals

Setting Spiritual GoalsNegative thinking destroys all the positive things in life. Your subconscious mind doesn’t see any difference between positive and negative thinking. Either way it will see it as a true thought and attract what you think of most. When you think you are defeated, you will be defeated. If you think you are afraid, you will be afraid.

The only way to success is that you think you can do it. Use self suggestion to your mind that you can do it. The law of attraction will make sure that you can do it. It all lies in the way you think.

Which Genius Is Sleeping In Your Brain

Somewhere inside you is a seed sleeping that Leeds you toward your success. You have to find a way to waken it up and let it grow. Until it becomes a flower that let you live your desired lifestyle. Great men have failed numerous ways before they reached success. They were all setting goals in faith.

So, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You need to make them as many as possible before success can be reached. Don’t see them as failures. Learn from them, stand up and keep moving forward with your goal in mind. Use self suggestion every day until it reaches your subconscious mind. Have faith. Your fortune is just around the corner. You just need to take one small step.





2 thoughts on “Faith And Goals – The Second Step Towards Richdom

  1. I agree. I have been working hard for the past year to chase away negative thinking and I have been using affirmation apps and subliminal programming to upload positive thinking into my brain. And it is working! I get a lot more social invitations and people seem more interested in what I have to say, likely from the positive vibes I give off. I also have vision boards, and post it notes with positive messages all around my home.
    What do you think of the correlation between positive people bringing others around them “up” and negative people bringing people around them “down”?

    1. You are right about that. Positive people will not only bring others up, aslo themselves. I had a time that I had a lot of negative people around me. When I changed that, left the negative people and surrounded me with positive people, my life changed instantly. Thank you for sharing your great thoughts about this topic. 🙂

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