Have Positive Mindset – The Way To Success Starts In The Mind

Positive Mind

Success in life, have a better lifestyle, buying the things you want in life. They all have on thing in common. They all start with one thing: Have positive mindset. Without that there is no way to bring you the riches in life. Because you attract what you think about most.

Think, and grow rich. A great quote from Napoleon Hill. And so true. All great successes start with a single idea in mind. This idea must be changes to a desire that you really want it. You have to believe that you can get it. Your desire must be so big that you are willing to burn all your ships behind you.

Having A Better Life Starts In Your Mind

Have Positive MindsetYou attract what you think about. Have you noticed that? Look back to your life. Do you get a lot of bills every week? Well, that’s because you only think about it. Every time you get a bill you think “O no, not again. Why is this happening to me?” I have been in that situation

It took me while to realize that it was my mind that was attracting it. I was surrounded by negative people. There was even a time that I was rock bottom. But I got out of it. Because I learned how to change my mindset and have positive mindset. Block all the negative things out.

If You Don’t Believe It You Won’t Achieve It

You can think and wish for everything you want in life. But if you don’t believe in it you will never achieve it. How can you trigger your mind that it starts believing it? That your mind thinks that you already have it. I will give you an example with money. Because everybody wants more money in life. To have so you have to follow these 5 steps below:

  1. Write down the exact amount of money you want to have?
  2. What will you give in return to have this money. Nothing is for free. You have to work hard for it.
  3. Write down a date that you want to achieve it.
  4. Create a plan to get your goal and start taking action on it immediately, even if you are not ready.
  5. Read out loud twice a day what you have written down in the previous steps. Ones in the morning and once in the evening. This will help you create a desire for money.’

These steps can also be found in the book “Think big and grow rich” from Napoleon Hill. It doesn’t have to be about money. It can be about anything. You just have to train your mind to create a burning desire for what you want.

Have Positive Mindset… Anything Is Possible

Did you know that really anything is possible in life? Only those who have an open mindset will create successes. The law of attraction will do the rest for you. Think big. What is it really that you want from life. Put out the negative things in life. Because they will only slow you down.

Stop watching the news for example. Because it will only bring negativity to you. Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. Because they will stop you from reaching your goals. Did you know that you are the average of your closest 5 people that surround you?

When they are all negative and in dept, always complaining. Then I know why you still don’t have success in life. Because they drawn the energy away from you. I took distance from those kinds of friends years ago. What happened afterwards is that my life grew so much better to where I want to be.

Successful People Allways Read Books

Social Media Stratgey TemplatesOne of the things that successful people do is reading books about have positive mindset. Because it feeds your mind with positivity and drains the negative thought out of it. But if you are not a reader then these days you can also listen to books. That’s something I do a lot.

The words stay more in my mind that way. But whatever you choose, reading or listening, books are a neccesarity to your success. Instead of watching TV, read or listen to a book. Create a plan to get what you want from life. And take action on it. Without taking action nothing will happen.

And don’t be afraid if you do not have a plan yet. Because your mind will create that for you. Just listen to your inner voice. It will guide you to where you want to be.

Tools That Will Help You In Changing Your Mindset To Success

I hope this topic helped you to have positive mindset. There can be many tools found to help you with that. I can recommend some books to you that you should read:

  • Think big and grow rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  • The power of positive thinking – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
  • Awaken the giant within – Anthony Robbins

These are just a few books that I recommend. You can find thousands of books on this subject. And when you are more a listener. The book “Think grow rich Napoleon Hill” has a virtual training center. Where you can listen to the book. It also comes with a work book.

20 thoughts on “Have Positive Mindset – The Way To Success Starts In The Mind

  1. So true – positivity breeds positivity and creates energy.
    I read a lot of books – have read all those you recommend but …
    sadly I read too many thrillers to relax.
    Off to the library tomorrow as you have made me feel bad.
    Thanks – I needed that.

  2. Thank you Dennis for this great reminder about the importance of a positive mindset. “Think and grow rich” is one of my all time favourite books and it’s always a pleasure to get a quick recap. While I have also read Tonys book, I will definitely check out your third recommendation from Dr. Peale. While I find it quite easy to gain positive thinking, the hardest part for me is to maintain a positive mindset in times when it gets rough. Any advices on that?

    1. Postive affirmations can help you in difficult times. Whan you are having a hard time, say positive things to yourself and repeat it until the negative thought is gone. That works for me a lot.

  3. Hi there, when I saw this post I had to read it as it really resounded with me. I read so many self help books before I started my online business but the one that actually helped me to reprogram the way I think was ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill which you mention in your post.
    In fact, I had to read it 3 times and practice the affirmations very day for weeks before finally something clicked that changed my whole thinking process forever.
    I realised that most of us are conditioned into poverty mentality without even knowing it and that is the thing that needs to change in order to be successful. So brilliant post, and it’s great your’e helping others towards this.

  4. Love it, love it. The Napoleon Hill book keeps coming up as a must read book, so I do need to go and get that one.

    You mention mindset. Things that have helped me change my mindset are thinking with a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset, and an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset.
    Thanks for sharing and all the very best to you.

  5. Some interesting book suggestions here that I’ve added to my list. The Napoleon hill one is next! Thanks.

  6. Thank you for your inspiring post, I am in training to be positive and I realise this brings better energy to me, I am noticing happier people around me. Think first act second.
    thanks again Dave

  7. It’s all about setting your goals and believing you can achieve them. Never give up. It’s all in the mind and what you will do to succeed. I hope this post will inspire people more. Great write.

  8. Great content We need to reconfigure our brain and focus on what we want for our lives. Develop yourself with studies and a lot of work. Congratulations.

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