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How To Blog To Make Money – Ranking On Page 1

How To Blog To Make Money

There are a lot of people that want to know how to blog to make money. Did you know that it’s not that difficult? Only you need to do it right. Because when you spam keywords throughout your blog post the search engines won’t even rank your site at all. In this topic I share with you the secrets of blogging.

Writing a blog post regularly can be very frustrating for a lot of people. Come up with new ideas every time, don’t know what to write about. And than reach a point to walk away from it. Earning money from blogging requires persistency and time. Don’t think that money comes overnight with writing 1 post.

It takes time to rank on page 1 from Google. The search engines don’t thrust new websites in the beginning. You have to earn their thrust by writing 2 to 3 posts a week. But also, you have to share value. Because when you only spam your business on your blog won’t get you many visitors.

How To Start A Blog For Free And Make Money

So, how to start than. Well, you need to find a topic that you are passionate about. It will make it a lot easier to write about. For me for example my biggest passion is mindset. So, I write a lot of topics about it. But also, I love to help people grow their business through different channels, like Facebook, Blogging, Google+, etc…

What do you like most? Don’t think about the money part yet. This I will discuss later. We first need to find out what your passion is. A lot of people that want to make money online think that internet marketing is their passion. But is it really. I thought that also in the beginning.

What you need to do is create a business around your business. And use the internet marketing tools and businesses to make money from your passion. It will be a lot easier this way. Now that you have found your passion you need to start writing. A great free tool to use is WordPress.

What Type Of Blogs Are In Demand

How To Blog To Make MoneyThere isn’t really a type of blog that is more popular than others. In every niche you can make money from blogging. How to make money depends on the value you share that others will relate too. You just have to be persistent and use the right techniques that will rank you on page 1 from the search engines.

Do not spam your keywords in your articles. That is old school and doesn’t work anymore. Use your keyword only about 4 to 5 times throughout your post that contains 1000 words or more. Also, spread keywords in your post that are related to your main keyword. They are called LSI keywords.

Blog Ideas That Make Money

Writing a blog post doesn’t make you money when it’s only plain text. People are visual based. So, make your posts visual. Use pictures that are related to what you write. Did you know that most people are not readers. So, take advantage on that over your competition.

Create a video about your blog post. Instead that people have to read your blog, they can choose to listen to it. Not may marketers use this technique on their blogs. Upload your video to YouTube and add the code to your blog. In that way you also get ranked on YouTube.

If you run out of ideas on how to blog, you can search for articles or video’s about your niche. Just use the search engines or YouTube to find great topics. Don’t copy posts. Always write them in your own words. Your posts need to be 100{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} unique. Or you won’t get ranked.

How Do Bloggers Get Paid

Types Of Blogs That Make MoneyAll blogging sites that pay use affiliate programs. In any niche you can find products or businesses that you can sell. Some examples are Amazon, eBay, Power Lead System, etc… It can be a business that solves someones problem or a product that will help people.

I use mindset books and video’s from Amazon for example. They can be found in my recommended books and video section. When someone buy’s through the links there on Amazon, I get paid for it. I even use some internet businesses to help people build a business. It’s the same principle.

The advantage of using an internet business that people can join is that you can build residual income. So, you don’t need to keep selling products to earn money. But the main part about your blog should be about sharing value. When people like what you write they will search more on your website and buy your products.

Blogging Requires A Lot Of Consistency

You read it correct. Blogging requires a lot of consistency. You need to write a minimum of 2 posts per week. The more the better. 2 posts isn’t a lot. I write them in about 1 hour these days. Just make sure you are prepared. It will save you a lot of time. At the end of every month write down a goal on how many posts you will write in the coming month.

If for example you are going to write 8 posts. Do a keyword research and come up with 8 main keywords for your posts. Also, come up with related keywords for your main keyword. This will make it easier to write subheadings for your post. After that, just start writing.

You will notice that when you write regularly, your writing skills will improve and it will get easier to write. I hope you liked this topic about blogging and make money. Leave your thoughts about it in the comment section below. There will be coming more in depth posts about this topic.

But for now. Find your passion, start writing about it, and make money. It will take some time before you will earn some dollars. But when they start flowing it will never stop coming in. Happy blogging…





10 thoughts on “How To Blog To Make Money – Ranking On Page 1

  1. Awesome site, just saw where they said 50-70{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} of people living in the wealthiest country live paycheck to paycheck. On top of that 80{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} of people hate their job. This site can help open peoples eyes that they can change their life and way of making income.

    1. That is also true. 80&{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} of the people hate the job they are in. They want to break free but don’t know how or don’t take action to change it.

  2. This was a great read my friend. I struggled for years wondering why I couldn’t rank on the first page of Google. I always thought you needed thousands of backlinks to beat the “big guys”, however, it wasn’t until I realized being consistent with high quality content really is the only secret. Thanks for the clarification!

    1. Backlinks is old school and they can realy hurt your rankings when they come from bad sites. It takes time to rank but when you stay consistent you will rank…

  3. Dennis,
    Thank you very much for this information.
    I have been struggling for awhile with writing ideas.
    I love helping stay at home parents find legit work from home jobs/opportunities (no survey taking or that kind of nonsense).
    There are so many of us who are stay at home parents due to reasons out of our control which is why I want to help others like me.
    You have given me some inspiration. I am going to try and do my research after finding multiple keyword.
    I have only been able to come up with a couple at a time.
    I anxiously await the time to where I can write a post in an hour instead of 2 to 3 days.

    1. Use keyword tools to help you come up with great keywords and ideas to write about. Every niche has thousends of keywords that people are looking for.

  4. Hey Dennis,
    This is an excellent article! Consistency is something I’m struggling with. I always want to do my best, so I am doing a lot of research, double checking everything, spending a lot of time on structuring sentences because English is not my first language… often spend all week to get an article done. I’ve just set my goal to get 10 articles done by the end of this month. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of consistency!

    1. We fail mostly to be consistet because of the distractions. Setting daily goals can help you with that. Don’t do anything else before you finished your goals…:)

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