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How To Get Facebook Likes – Boost Your Engagement Instantly

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Now that you have posted content on your Facebook it’s time to show you how to get Facebook likes, comments and shares. Your goal is to grow your engagement to get more followers. The more people like, comment and share your posts the stronger you build up your thrust factor.

A person that has a strong thrust factor will result in more sales. Post the wrong kind of posts and your engagement will be less till nothing. Even your friends list will decrease because people don’t want to see your crappy posts. Post the right type of posts and people will love you, hang on to you and start asking for the link to your product or business.

Value Posts vs Advertising Posts

How To Get Facebook LikesHere is where a lot of people go wrong. There is a big difference between a value post and posts about your business or product. Business and product posts are seen to people as advertising. Because they don’t like that, it will only push them away. When you look at your profile and all your posts are related to a product or business I would recommend you to change that.

The more value you give the more people will follow you. What do I mean by value? Value is like giving a solution to someones problem. It’s like I do here. For example, people are looking for way’s to increase their engagement. I give them a solution to do that by writing a post about it. You can even do that on Facebook.

Value can be anything… Training video’s, quotes, inspiring pictures, result posts, etc… 90% of your posts on Facebook should be value. 10% can be about your product or business.

What Type Of Posts Will Give You The Most Likes And Comments

There are all kind of different type of content that you can post on Facebook. How to get Facebook likes depends also on the type of post. Some will give you a lot of exposure while others will give you a lot less. Here is a summary of post types where the top has the highest engagement and the bottom the lowest:

1. Facebook Live Video’s

2. Recorded Video’s

3. Pictures

4. Text posts

5. Links in posts

As you see, posting links in your posts will give you the lowest engagement. Facebook doesn’t like links. But I found a small hack where links can get very high engagement. I will discuss that later on. If you doný feel comfortable in making video’s, use pictures in your posts. They will give you high engagement. Especially lifestyle pictures.

How To Get Facebook Likes By Boosting Your Posts By Tagging people

Social Media Strategy TemplatesAnother great way to boost your posts is by tagging. But don’t do it the wrong way or people will start blocking you on Facebook. By wrong, I mean that you just start tagging people in your posts. This is like spamming your posts on other people’s Facebook profile. That’s a big NO. Never do that.

The only right way to use tagging is when someone likes, comment or share your posts you thank them in the comment section. There you can use tagging by entering the persons name in the comment with a thank you note. Only do this with people that engage on your posts otherwise you are still spamming.

A Small Facebook Hack That Even Boost Links In Your Posts

As I mentioned above links will give you the less engagement. Facebook doesn’t like to see people leading outside Facebook. That’s why they punish you for sharing links by giving you low exposure. But I found a small hack to get around this and give you lots of exposure.

How to get Facebook likes, here is how you do it. Write a value post with a picture inside. Do not add a link in the post. Instead, refer with a call to action that the link can be found in the comment section. Post your content. Then go to your comments and add the link there.

By doing so you will get high exposure. Same apply’s for sharing YouTube video’s. It don’t give you as high exposure then when you upload a video directly to Facebook. So, what you can do is download the video from YouTube and upload it again on Facebook.

Now It’s Time To Start Adding People To Your Profile Massively

At this point you understand how to get Facebook likes. Now put it into action. It’s the only way to see results. Test different types of posts and see what will give you the highest engagement. Also, test different times a day. The time is not that important. If you share lots of value people will look you up on a daily base to see if you have some new content.

In conclusion, in the next lesson I will discuss a neat feature. A script that will help you add people massively in your niche to your Facebook profile. The more people see your content the bigger your following will get.

Finally, leave a comment below to share your view about this topic.

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14 thoughts on “How To Get Facebook Likes – Boost Your Engagement Instantly

  1. Thanks for the useful strategies on boosting my business through Facebook. What a great concept – that it should be 90{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} information of value and only 10{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} salesy stuff!

  2. This is a nice guide for newbies like me who are new to the social media game. I’ve had a few pages that never “took off” other than having my friends and family join. Your tips here are great and I’ll definitely be implementing the little hack you mentioned. This sounds incredible since I won’t get punished and can send people away from Facebook 🙂

  3. Really useful tips here! I wasn’t aware FB punishes you for adding links in your post, but it makes sense now.

    What happens if you have a few different links in your post? Would you need to put them all on the comment section as a Call To Action? Thanks for the info.

    1. Like I said in the post. Facebook doesn’t like links. But you need to test it out. I would put it in the comment section to get more exposure. And also I would use only 1 link per post. Hope this helps. Less is better…:)

  4. I had no idea about the link in post disadvantage. I learned something new today from you. I’m glad I found your post, very helpful.

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I had given up on FB advertising because of very low numbers and now I know why. I am doing it all wrong. I like your backdoor hack. I am going to borrow that bit of advice along with a few others. Thanks for a great article.

  6. Dennis,
    I started working Facebook a little more this month. Most of what you stated I am using already. The hack of the link is something I had not heard of before.
    Great information, I have to work on my posting time with some tracking to see when is the best time to post.
    Have you done any work in this area to see what works best.

    1. Hey John, Facebook will show your content only to approximately 12{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} of your total friends. I just post whenever I want. I don’t really check the time. You can test out different times to see if you can boost the likes a little. But will not be to much. When you post lots of value people know to find you and will visit your profile often. Hope this helps…:)

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