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How To Use Social Media For Marketing – Facebook Messenger

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This topic will explain you how to use social media for marketing using Facebook messenger. Messenger is a very powerful tool to make sales for your product or business. But most people use it the wrong way. They spam their business links in the first 3 messages.

People don’t like that. You have to build up thrust first before even thinking about sending a link to your product or business. In the last lessons I showed you how to set up your Facebook account and content creation. This will already build up some thrust.

Are You Afraid To Talk To People

How To Use Social Media For MarketingMost people are afraid to talk to people. Especially people they don’t know. But talking to people is the strongest power of communication and building thrust. Most sales have been made in communicating. What happens with most people is that fear takes the overhand.

They are afraid that the other person will ask questions they don’t know the answer to. So, they learn how to use social media for marketing using scripts. But what happens is when the other person asks a question or interrupts they lost where they are in the script.

They start to stumble and run away from the conversation. And then they never do it again. Because they feel uncomfortable doing it. Guess what. The only way to create success is doing uncomfortable things. Doing what others won’t do. But there is a solution.

How To Use Social Media For Marketing Using Messenger

Messenger can be used two ways. You can talk live with people by calling them or sent messages. By calling, you will create better sales. But if you are afraid in talking with people you can use messages. It is still a powerful tool. But you need to ask the right questions.

Never sent people a link without asking. Also, never sent a link within the first 3 messages. Better yet, ask first a lot of questions to show interest in the person you are talking to. The conversation must be about them, not about you. Facebook messenger shows who is online now.

Use that in your advantage. Ask questions like: What are they working on? How long have they been working on it. Are they doing it full time or part-time? What have they done before? Every time you get a message back from someone answer on their message and always sent back a new message with a question.

What Closing Questions Do You Need To Ask To Make The Sale

Now comes the tricky part. How to use social media for marketing using closing questions. When you ask the to fast you will lose the sale. When will you know when someone is ready. The reason that you ask all kind of questions is that you want to find the pain point.

What are they struggling with. When you find the pain point you can provide them with a solution. Ask a question like: Are you open to watch a video to solve your struggle? When you have asked the right questions before they will say yes. Sent them the link to your video and ask them when they have time to watch it.

Come back to them and ask the next questions. Wait for an answer before asking the next question:

  • What did you like about the business ?
  • Do you have any questions ?
  • Are you understanding how you make money ?
  • Do you see an opportunity for yourself ?
  • When would you like to get started ?

A Scriptbook with Questions That Will Create Sales For You

Social Media Strategy TemplatesMost people don’t know what to ask to people and when it’s time to ask for the link. The first message they sent has a business link in it. They find it strange that they don’t get an answer back. But what if I told you that I have a script book that will have the right questions inside.

Questions for every type of person. When someone pitches you for example. How to change that conversation and bring them in your business. Wouldn’t that be awesome? To get a hold of this script book, go to my Recommendations section. The first recommendation there is about attracting leads on autopilot.

When you use that product, you will get a script book with it. You never have to worry anymore what to say to people. Wouldn’t that be great? So, CLICK HERE to go to my recommendation section. See you on the inside.

Implementing The Strategies

I hope this topic about how to use social media for marketing using messenger helped you a lot. Leave a comment below with your thoughts about this topic. Maybe you have some more tips to share. Please do so. The more we help each other the more successes will be created.

Now it’s time to implement these strategies. Talk with people that want to communicate. Those are the ones you want to target. People that don’t respond you just unfriend them. You want to be surrounded with people that love to communicate.





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  1. I have bookmarked this post for reference. Seeing I want to apply this information for use on my site. I am terrible at marketing on social networks

  2. Great advice- I never use Facebook too much for these things, but I enjoyed reading about how I can benefit from it from a marketing aspect. Good information you have in here. & also loving the scriptbook!

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