Law Of Attraction For Wealth – The First Step Starts With Desire

Law Of Attraction For Wealth

I want to start this topic with a great quote… “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and believe, it can achieve”. This great law of attraction for wealth was written by Napoleon Hill. In his book Think and Grow Rich he explains 13 principles you need to master in order to achieve success.

The first principle he talks about is desire. Without desire there is no way to get you where you want to be. When you get overwhelmed with desire to your goal the law of attraction will attract the things to your life. When you even believe that you actually can achieve your goals, then it’s for sure you will get there. How to attract wealth and money? It all starts with a single thought.

Thoughts Are Things

Did you know that all the thoughts in your mind create your life? It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative. Your mind will create what you think about most. So, if you are in a bad situation. The only way to get out of it is to change your mindset to positive thinking.

A money magnet secret is that you’ll have to recognize your negative thoughts that are holding you back from reaching your goal. When you have identified your negative thinking you’ll have to work to change that mindset to positivity and self-affirmation. What helps is stop watching the news every day. The news is a big pile of negativity. But let’s start first to identify your negative beliefs.

Identify Your Negative Beliefs

Law Of Attraction For WealthHow to attract money now is to have a positive mindset. You must first know what your negative beliefs are so the law of attraction can do its work. Do you believe you are not smart enough? Or, are you not worthy to be rich? That you don’t deserve it to have the lifestyle you want.

Write down on a piece of paper your negative beliefs. Keep writing until you find one that hurts. Now that you have done that it’s time to find out where those beliefs come from. What evidence do you have that supports the negative thoughts in your mind.

Are the people around you holding you back? Do you feel better when you don’t try, so that you don’t fail? Now, choose at least one belief that will replace your old, negative thinking. What beliefs belong to a person that achieves success and wealth. “I am destined to create a successful business.”

Now that you have a new belief support that one with evidence. Will people follow your example with your new belief? Do past accomplishments got recognition? It’s time to recall every compliment in the past to build a solid foundation towards success.

Set Your Course And Let The Law Of Attraction Work For You

Close your eyes. Imagine that you already achieved your dream lifestyle. How does that feel? Write down 5 affirmations that supports that dream. I am …. (Fill in the blank). For your mind it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false. What you think about most, your mind see as true and attracts that into your life.

Money magnet affirmations can help you with that. Say them out loud, twice a day. After a while your subconscious mind will pick it up and changes will start to appear to your life. Now that you understand the power of thoughts and positive thinking it’s time that you fall in love with your goal.

It’s Time To Fall In Love With Your Goal

how to attract money instantlyYou need to create a desire towards your goal. In order to do that write down the goals you want to obtain in life. Don’t think only about career goals. Think further… Family, spiritual, community and personal goals. Think big. Anything is possible in life.

What skills do you need to master to achieve those goals? And, what kind of work do you want to do? Maybe you want to work from home, stand on a stage and inspire thousands of people. What kind of personality do you want to be? Is it different than you are right now?

How to attract wealth using the law of attraction is to write down the exact amount of money you want to earn and what changes you need to make to get in alignment with your goal. Which professionals you know already life a lifestyle you desire so much? Now that you know these things it’s time to write out your biggest desire. Put also a date on it when you want to have achieved it. Read it out loud at least twice a day, when you wake up and just before you go to bed.

Faith Comes with desire

You can follow all the steps that I mentioned before. But if you have no faith that you will actually will achieve your goals nothing will happen. Also, you have to take action on your desire. The law of attraction will guide you and show you glimpse in your mind.

Act on those. Listen to your inner voice. And believe that you will achieve your desired wealth and lifestyle. I will go deeper in the subject belief in another article. But for now, start to create your desire. Take some paper and write out the steps I talked about above.

When you want to go deeper in this matter I can recommend the virtual training center from Think and Grow Rich. It will help you a lot to reprogram your brain to positivity and wealth. See also my section about recommended books you should read and movies you should watch.





16 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction For Wealth – The First Step Starts With Desire

  1. Hi Dennis
    Couldn’t agree more with what you say in your article. It is definitely what we think, that in the end comes about to be our reality. Not always easy to change one’s mindset when the familiar is so easy (and the familiar is not always where we need to be!). However, I feel it is worth the effort, learning and being aware of this and have the opportunity to change our lives for better.

  2. Such a positive article. I like your mindset and we should really take note and follow these simple steps. It will definitely change the way we think. Success comes only if you believe in it and set your goal to happen no matter what. You really inspired me.

  3. This is a really good article. Boosts up with positive energy and gives confidence that everybody can do it. Couldn’t agree more with this belief. Anything you want can be achieved. First believe, then act and achive.

  4. Law Of Attraction For Wealth – The First Step Starts With Desire
    I enjoyed your sense of humor and low key style.
    I have been a fan of the law of attraction and Napoleon Hill for decades. I think my issue is not being so sure what it is I want. I wasn’t aware of all the training options out there for the Napoleon Hill style training. Thanks for showing us the way.
    Nice touch adding lead generation to your program. I’ve not seen much of that in the online world. I thought of it purely as a salesman’s friend. I enjoyed the four habits of successful people. I once lived like that. Or very close. I was very into my sports at the time and always got up early and ate healthy. Took cold showers that actually began because it took so long for the hot water to travel from our water heater to the shower and with me being impatient I just stopped waiting and found that I enjoyed the cold showers.
    I enjoyed looking through your site. Lots of information to absorb for those interested in a business online.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I also wasn’t aware about these trainings until I stumbled upon a training site from Think and Grow Rich. I just try to be myself…:) Sharing what I learn.

  5. Well, I don’t remember who said this: ” Everything in this world has been created twice- first in the mind, second in reality”, but this is something I deeply believe in. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Hi Dennis, this is spot on. I feel that this post came to me at the right time… a simple reminder of The Law Of Attraction. It’s not easy to stay focused always on the positive, you must master this skill and Thank you for reminding me of it. Bless you for that 🙂

  7. Wow I now love to hear good news.
    Is there someway we can be positive all the time. I saw a video on the law of attraction from netflix.
    There isa grammer mistake on setting your course… Section. Very good blog! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, you can be positive almost all the time. Use positive affirmations in the morning when you wake up. Allway’s try to find positive things on every situation, even in negative situations. Can be hard in the beginning. But when you push yourself to stay positive, it will get easier along the way. 🙂

  8. I have absolutely always believed in the law of attraction. If you give it to the universe and ask for what you truly desire, it can 100{be842c8f4720fc211212564dc45ced7c4acc7f5bfcf333571db9f447116140b4} be manifested in your life. Great post!

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