Morning Habits Successful People – 4 Simple Ways To Create Success

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Are you tired that your morning has gone away already when you wake up? These morning habits successful people have will help you get the most out of your day. Success is created by routine and that starts in the morning when you wake up.

I used to sleep away all morning. Wake up around noon. And realized my day was half over. I tried to set the alarm early in the morning. But I always hit the snooze button, turned around and sleep further. I woke up even more tired and had no energy during the day.

It took me a while when I realized that this had to change. I start to research what morning routine ideas a successful person has to start his day. I saw it was not that difficult. Maybe in the beginning. But after a while my I noticed that these routines gave me more energy to myself and my mind. Let’s dive into these habits.

Stop Hitting The Snooze Button!

Habits Of Successful PeopleDon’t you just hate it when in the morning your alarm goes off. You just hit the snooze button and try to sleep some more. Did you know that hitting the snooze button will only make you more tired for the day? I will explain this a bit further. Because the snooze button is pretty bad for your health.

A sleep cycle takes around 45 minutes. You have those quite a few during the night. You go from light sleep to a deep sleep. And back to a light sleep again every 45 minutes. When you hit the snooze button and try to sleep some more your body starts to drift away to a deep sleep again. You will wake up more tired when your alarm goes off again.

You must create a daily routine for your mind. A daily routine of successful entrepreneurs will set an alarm every day at the same time. In the beginning it can be hard. But push yourself out your bed when your alarm goes off. After a while you will notice that you don’t have to set an alarm anymore because you will wake up before your alarm and feel energized and awake.

Make Up Your Bed Every Morning

This might be the easiest way of morning habits successful people have. There is a reason why you should make up your bed every morning after you wake up. It’s the first small task that you will complete for that day. And will set your mind to a more productive way.

A small sense of pride will be given to you. This will encourage you to do the next task. And the next task. Put it on a todo list. How great does it feel when you have scratched the first task off in the morning. It’s a great boost for you mind and makes you more productive.

Set Your Daily Goals

When you wake up your mind is like a blank slide, ready to get focused on the tasks for that day. In order to set your mind to a productive way you have to give it tasks. To make your day the perfect day. Every morning take 5 minutes to clear your mind and think of the goals you want to accomplish for that day.

Take another 5 minutes to be grateful for the things you already have in your life and have accomplished. So, each morning list three:

  • Things you are grateful for.
  • Goals that would make your day to be an amazing day
  • Daily affirmations (I am…)

This will help you to stay more organized during your day. Gratitude is a way to create a positive mindset and are millionaire morning habits. It pushes the negativity away. A positive day will bring you more riches into your life. It will reduce your stress level. Setting goals lead to success.

Take A Cold Shower

Rituals Successful PeopleYes, you hear me right. Morning habits successful people have are also cold showers. Did you know that a cold shower are good morning habits for health? These are proven scientific benefits. What are they?

  • Eases Stress
  • Improves Sleep
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Activates fat loss
  • Improves immune system
  • Increased alertness
  • Relieves depression
  • Speeds up metabolism

There are even more benefits for taking cold showers. You will learn to accept, to be humble, to tolerate, have discipline and will power, to meditate. This is a boost for your mind and body. I explain.

You will accept that you have to do things you don’t like to do. It will learn you to keep your feet on the ground when you create big successes, to stay humble. Getting into uncomfortable situations is the only way to success in life. How easy to learn this by taking a cold shower.

Willpower and discipline is the strongest there is. It must be practiced. Try to not move a muscle and stand still. What also happens is that you get in a state of mind that will take control over your body.

These Morning Habits Successful People Have Should You Implement In Your Daily Routine

There you have it. These habits of successful people are not that difficult to start your day. They will bring your mind and body into a productive day. You will get focused more easily, have less distraction. The energy level will get up, you will feel less tired and have positive mindset

You will get more done for that day. At the end of it your goals will get a lot closer to you. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about morning habits successful people. Leave your thoughts about it in the comment section below. I would really love to hear your morning habits. Have a great productive day.





14 thoughts on “Morning Habits Successful People – 4 Simple Ways To Create Success

  1. Great stuff, Dennis! And very true!

    A cold shower was something that I’ve heard about, but never really implemented. Yet, it totally makes sense.

    Nonetheless, the snooze button for me was a big one. And that was also a habbit that at least for me was extremely hard to beat. I struggled with it all throughout the middle school and high school…

    What I eventually found and what helped me a lot to get out of the bed even when I even didn’t feel like it was the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

    Essentially, what she writes about and what I did was when I woke up and felt the urge to press the snooze button, I counted 5-4-3-2-1 and acted the way I wanted to act. Meaning I got out of the bed. Sounds fairly simple, but there is some hard core brain science that happens behind those simple actions.

    Either way, there are some amazing resources that explains this approach and why it works. Either get the book ‘5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins or watch her interview on Impact Theory. She also has a TED talk.

    Hope this helps to people that really struggle with snoozing same as I did.

    1. Thats a great tip. Thank you for sharing it here. I can totally relate to you. I struggled also during school when I was young. Now I wake up between 6 and 7 and don’t even have to set an alarm…:)

  2. Hi Dennis.. thank you for a great article. I particularly enjoyed the video!

    These morning rituals don’t take very long however they set you up for a productive day.

    For me what works best is to set my daily goals the night before so when I wake up my brain has already formulated the plan for me to accomplish my goals easily. The other thing I do is say my positive affirmations while I am having my shower (not a cold shower as you suggest) however a long shower. These little things help me to have a haapy, productive day!

    I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting again soon to read more of your interesting articles.. keep up the good work!

  3. This is a great post, (will perhaps skip the cold shower bit with winter coming on) Actually the whole post was good. Thank you, Dennis

    1. The cold shower can be difficult in the beginning. I just do that 10 seconds and then put it warm up again. It will give you a mentally boost 🙂

  4. The hardest of these two for me is not hitting the snooze button, although there are more times now when I can. I have an alarm at 5 am, usually wake up 5 to 5.30am, make up my bed, with goals and to-do-list already set up the night before, and then have a warm shower but rinse with cold, lol. I have been trying over and over and over again to shower directly with cold water but I need more mindfulness and motivation to “just do it”. These tips are great although will take practice to follow and make it a habit. Thank you for this.

    1. When it’s become a habit it will be in your subconsious mind. That’s the strongest part of your body. This principle applies also to everything else. You need to practive until it becomes a habit…:) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I personally take first a warm shower and just before the end I turn it to freezing cold for about 10 seconds…:)

  5. Good post describing benefits being early bird in the morning, and for sure it is always best to start working day from morning to get most productive. And I believe major thing impact wake up in morning is last night sleep which should be during right time and right way and then move forward with other goals planned .

  6. True, I like to jump out of bed as soon as I’m awake. For one thing, the mind is completely fresh and ready for action. Before sleeping at night, I focus on the next day’s tasks – it’s amazing the ideas that come while you sleep!

    Your intention and thoughts are hugely important to what happens in your life, and not enough people realize that the Universe is like a giant copying machine – it gives you back what you send it. If thoughts and actions are negative, then nothing works out.

    Either make positive choices and decide how you want your life to be, or other people and outside forces will decide it for you! Take control. It’s a universal law, folks.

    PS: Cold showers – no, no, no!

    Nice post – thanks.

  7. Hey Dennis,
    Very noteworthy points you made out for morning habits. Success will be sure with it. I would also like to add meditation in this list.

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