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Setting Goals Lead To Success – Why You Can’t Succeed Without A Goal


Goals are a very important aspect in your way to what you want to achieve. All the people that are successful will say ‘Setting Goals Lead To Success’. Without goals there is no way you will succeed. In the beginning of my journey to success I never set goals. I didn’t find it important.

For 7 years I didn’t have any success, because I didn’t have a goal. I thought about my dreams, what I want to achieve. But it was a blurry picture. It was not specific of what I want. When I started to realize that I was not getting forward, and the cause of that, I started to write out my goals. Great things happened afterwards.

Why You Can’t Succeed Without A Goal

Setting Goals Lead To SuccessLet me tell you a little story to help you understand why goal setting is so important. Imagine, you are going on a holiday on a beautiful cruise. On the dock there are 2 cruise ships waiting for you. Both look the same, only they have 1 difference. One has a ship captain that stirs the ship along beautiful islands, that you can visit. The other one has no captain and you don’t know where the ship will go.

So, you take a leap of faith and you want to be surprised. You board the second ship. The ship sails away and you are very exited. After a few days you are still on the sea. You haven’t seen land. Your excitement will go down. And after a few days you feel miserable. Thinking, why didn’t I board the other ship. With a little luck you will see land in a few months or so. Or not…

What happened if you boarded the first ship. You will also be exited. After a day or two you reached the first island. Your excitement go’s up. You have the time of your life. When you set sail again you have a beautiful memory and want to get back there in the future. Full of excitement you sail to the second island.

Which ship will you board? The moral of the story is this. Without a direction you sail blind. Without setting a goal in business you don’t know where you are working for. Your excitement will go down and you quit after a few weeks. When you know what you are working for it motivates you to keep pushing forward.

Setting Goals Lead To Success Starts With A Single Dream

Everybody has something they want. A lifestyle they want to live. Also a car they want to have. The happiness with friends and family. More free time to travel the world. Only setting goals lead to success. So, the first thing you need to do is find you why. Why do you want to get into business. When it’s an online business. Ask yourself, why do you want to do it?

Most people will say, I want to make a lot of money. This is too basic. You have to be very specific to create your goals. Ask your self this, when you have an x amount of money, what will that do for you? What will it bring you? What will you do? When you answered that question, go even deeper.

Keep asking questions on your answers until you can’t find any questions anymore. Then you have found your deepest why. Now you know what you will work for. This will keep you motivated.

How To Write Out Your Goals To Success

Goal SettingNow that you have your why it’s time to write out your goals. Most people will start at the beginning. That’s where they go wrong. Setting goals lead to success start backwards, with the end goal in mind. Set a date when you want to have reached your end goal. What steps do you have to take to get there. They can be broad.

Now that you have these steps, break them down again. What do you need to do to achieve those steps. Now that you have you yearly goals, monthly goals and daily goals,  write a todo list of what you need to do daily to reach your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly target.

Write everything down. Also your why. Write it out. There are no limitations of what you want to reach. But be very specific. The more specific you are, the clearer your vision will be. So, look at your why and goals on a daily base. Believe in yourself that you will reach it.

Without Action There Is No Success

It doesn’t stop by writing down your dreams and goals. You can look at it daily but if you don’t act on it, nothing will happen. But that’s where people get scared. Fear will start to talk to them. What if I make a mistake and invest x amount of money and lose it? I can’t do it!

Let me tell you this. You will make a lot of mistakes. That’s OK. It’s the only way to success. Don’t see mistakes as failures. It’s a learning process. So, learn what you did wrong, fix it and move on. Don’t be afraid to do something. When it scares you do it anyway. Then do it again. The more you do it the less scared it will be.

I was so scared in the beginning when I start making video’s. I feel my hart pumping in my vanes when I went live. My hands were sweating and every time I though how I will survive this. But I keep doing the video’s. After a while I noticed I didn’t scare me anymore. So, the more you do it, the less scared it will be.

Going Forward From Today

I have told you today about goals. That setting goals lead to success. What you need to be doing and how to act on it. Now it’s your turn. What will you be doing today. Will you wait and postpone it till tomorrow? and tomorrow you will postpone it again? Or are you taking action right now.

Only the ones who will take action and say to themselves, I can do this. I will do this no matter what. They are the ones that will reach their success. Keep going forward from this day on. Your life is about to change.





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